Yes….I know! We’ve been home almost 7 weeks & you haven’t had an update. I’m SO SORRY!!! If we are friends on Inst*gram or F*cebook then you have seen our updates there. 🙂 I haven’t had the time or made the time to sit down & update the blog. Our family blog hasn’t been updated in forever! I’m so behind.

We have been getting used to being a family of four & absolutely love it!! I have also enjoyed my time at home with the kids (I wrote kids!!!! Eek! I still cannot believe she’s home & she’s ours!! 🙂 ). Lily is the perfect fit for our family. She is a cuddly little love bug. We’ve been busy with bonding, doctors appointments, play dates, swimming lessons for Samuel, church, lots of visitors for Lily, & everyday life. Just trying to find our new normal & get in that groove. It definitely didn’t take too long. Lily has been an easy-going baby. She started sleeping through the night after we all got over jet lag. It took me the longest out of us all to get over that. Sleep has been nice! She is getting so big & is 3 months old now! Time has just been flying by. She really is a go-with-the-flow baby. As long as I bring enough bottles along & the Ergo, we are good to go. 🙂

Our experience with the Japan program was absolutely wonderful! Japan was amazing! I’m so glad we were able to experience a little of our daughter’s birth country & hope to return one day when she is older.

So sorry for going so many weeks with no updates. I’ll leave you with some pictures of our adorable kiddos!

The day after we got back home. Mother's day with both of my beautiful children!

The day after we got back home. Mother’s day with both of my beautiful children!

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Day 5-our last full day in Japan

Today was our last full day in Japan. It’s kind of bittersweet. We are so ready to be home & see our family & friends, but at the same time Japan is our daughter’s birth country & she will be leaving that. We for sure hope to visit some day & show her this beautiful country. We only saw a small portion, but love what we saw.

Today we went to the Ueno Zoo & park. It was a fun day! It was hot & Samuel was tired from waking up at 3:45, but I’m glad that we went. We didn’t even see everything they had! It is a pretty big zoo! We ended up leaving at just the right time because a storm was coming. We had to walk back to the train station from the zoo & then walk from Shinjuku station to our hotel. We thanked the Lord that the rain was held off until we made it to the hotel. Samuel fell asleep & took a good nap, so we hung out at the hotel for a while. I got a jump start on packing.

When it was time for dinner we went to a restaurant close by. It was such a blessing to have a group of ladies at the table next to us that were reading the Bible & doing a Bible study together! That was nice & encouraging to see. 🙂

Our time here in Japan has been wonderful. We’ve been so busy, but still didn’t see everything we would have liked to see. Samuel & Lily did great throughout the long days & seem to be great travelers. Please pray for us as we head back home tomorrow. It’s such a long flight. Pray for safety & that Samuel & Lily do well. Hopefully we don’t bother those around us. If Lily wants something or isn’t happy, let’s just say she lets you know loud & clear & doesn’t forget about it. 😉

See y’all soon!









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Day 4!

Today was another busy & exhausting, but GREAT day! We started the day off meeting Taka again & he took us back to the US Embassy for Lily’s Visa interview. Well, the morning actually started at 1:30…when Samuel thought that would be a great time to wake up for the day. 😳

So, we went for her appointment & gave them her medical exam paperwork. Then after a bit they approved her Visa, printed it right then & we were on our way! Praise The Lord!! Everything is set & we are good to return home on Saturday! I was told this was really fast. So thankful for answered prayers. 🙂

After the Visa appointment we were going to head out to find souvenirs & Taka graciously offered to show us around again. We are so thankful! We never would have found the wonderful ships he showed us on our own. We went (by train again) to Asakusa. Samuel found some trucks & cars & we got several things for Lily as she gets older. There were so many little shops. We easily could have spent the whole day there. We had lunch at small noodle shop there & it was delicious! Bill had chicken rice & I had yakisoba. Samuel shared with me. The yakisoba was so yummy! I want more before we go back home!

After lunch & shopping we went back to the hotel for a little while & then went to the Keio department store nearby & to find dinner. We went out to find more Japanese formula because Lily’s been having issues with the formula we brought. We found some & hopefully this will help. 🙂

When we returned to the hotel, we got ready for a visit with Tomo. He is the director of the agency here. He is so nice & we enjoyed visiting with him. We found out Lily can have dual citizenship until she is 22. Then she will have to choose US or Japanese citizenship.

So we are tired, but it was a great day! Like I said before, there’s a lot of walking with a lot of steps around here. 🙂 Everyone else is a sleep over here & I’m headed that way soon. 🙂









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Day 3

Today was such a busy day! It was a great day though. Once again we have pictures with the camera & not the iPad. I do have a couple from tonight that are adorable.

Our morning started off early at 8:00. We were gone most of the day. We met Taka, from the agency, & headed to do multiple things for Lily’s adoption. We got to ride the train again! First we went to pick up her passport (her Japanese passport). After that we went to the US Embassy to file the I-600 or petition to have Lily as an immediate relative. 🙂 We were there for a good while. We had to wait for our number to be called & turn in all of our paperwork & supporting documents. Then we were seated again & waited to have our interview. I was a little nervous, but the questions are fairly easy & simple. They are just making sure that the adoption is legal & everything is in order. Then we had to be seated again & wait for our verdict & for our Visa appointment. Thank goodness everything went great & her I-600 was approved! We have her Visa appointment tomorrow at 10:00. Please be in prayer that all goes well.

We then walked around (a lot!) & went into a dollar type of store. Samuel loved that! We got a few things & then went to find lunch. We had Taka help us find great Japanese food! We had tonkatsu. Super yummy! The white rice was so delicious too. It was the perfect white sticky rice. 🙂 After lunch we went to have Lily’s medical exam. This is required for her Visa. She is perfectly healthy & doing wonderful!

Each appointment took a while today, so we didn’t get back to the hotel until around 4:00-4:30. We were all so tired! Using the train system here is a great workout! There are stairs everywhere. It’s not always stroller friendly. 😉 Taka helped us out so much. He helped Bill carry the stroller up & down the stairs so many times. Thank you Taka for all of your help today!

Tomorrow we have to take her medical exam paperwork back to the US Embassy for her Visa appointment. They said her Visa should be issued tomorrow! Yay! Please be in prayer that all goes well tomorrow.

Here are a couple of pictures. 🙂








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Early start again on day 3

Well, we’re up early again. 🙂 Lily is so smiley & trying to talk to us. It’s so sweet to hear Samuel talk to her & make her smile! This morning he’s been asking her if she wants a bike & that he would buy her one when she gets bigger. 😍







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Day 2

So I don’t have anymore pictures to post of today. I did take pictures with the camera, but didn’t take the iPad with us to take pictures to post on here. I’ll add them later when we are home & settled.

We had such a fun day! We are exhausted. We tried the Japanese train/subway system & actually made it! Haha! It was a little stressful. 🙂 We did ask questions & found people to help us several times. We were going to meet some missionaries that found out we were coming to Japan & wanted to meet us & help in any way. They were so nice! Thank you Hannah & Adam, Joel & Kelli & Jason! We so enjoyed meeting you & your children. You were such a blessing to us. They had us over at their home to talk & let the kids all play together. It was a great time with like-minded people. They love the Lord & it truly shows. They also fed us dinner! It was super yummy! Hannah was so sweet to give us a gift for Lily!
On the way back to the hotel we had a lot of help with the subway because Hannah & Adam were going part of the same way we were. We did need a little help finding our way from the train station to the hotel, but we made it! We did a lot of walking today! Samuel & Lily both did so great!

We so enjoyed the fellowship & meeting friends today! One couple is local to us at home, so we look forward to seeing them again when they come stateside. Such a wonderful day!

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Day 2- early morning smiles

Day 2 is starting off great! 6:00 is much better than 3:00! 🙂 Lily did pretty well last night & the longest stretch of sleep was from 1:00-5:45. It’s so sweet laying here snuggling with my babies & hearing them both “talk.” Samuel adores her so far. 🙂 he’s so sweet & gentle with her.










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