First home study visit

Yesterday we had our first home study visit! Of course we were a little nervous, but not as much as the first time! Thankfully we had the same social worker. She is very nice & it helps that she knows our family through Samuel’s adoption. 🙂  We had an interview together, & then we had our individual interviews. So, we have one more to go! We finished up our adoption education too.

We also got our I-797c Notice of Action in the mail yesterday. This is related to our I-600a (advance petition for an orphan). It’s just a receipt that they received our I-600a. Next we just need to finish up our home study & send it to USCIS. Then they’ll send us our fingerprinting form & after that is approval! Our official wait then begins! 🙂 A realistic time for referral is around this time next year or beginning of 2013, I believe.

So, we’re almost finished with the beginning paperwork & waiting. Next is the long wait (which isn’t really that long compared to some other countries)!


About Heather

I'm a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, nurse, & sister in Christ! I hope to encourage & uplift, as well as let you see a little of our everyday life. It's always sweet, sometimes a little crazy, but we love the road God has blessed us with!
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2 Responses to First home study visit

  1. Christy says:

    So happy it went well! Never doubted it. 🙂 It’ll be exciting to have the paperwork portion behind you and be in the BIG WAIT. 🙂

  2. themoodyzoo says:

    Counting the days with you!! KIss my sweet boy!

    “Aunt” T

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