4th of July fundraiser

We had a fundraiser at our local town’s 4th of July celebration. We sold craft items (from the fall festival), can drinks, & bottled water. We were SO blessed! We had help from family & friends that donated can drinks & bottled water for us to sell. Some even donated coolers & ice. We couldn’t have pulled it off without everyone’s help.

It was H-O-T! We had to be set up an hour before it even started. So, we were out there a long time. The first few hours were discouraging, but it really picked up the last hour and a half. We got rained on for a little while. We covered everything & lowered the tent & huddled under for a while. Wish I had a pic of that! It was quite comical I’m sure! 🙂 I thought my hands would fall off b/c they were so frozen from the ice at one point later in the evening! We had people put money in our donation jar & one lady came up to us & gave us the money she had in her pocket. We were blessed to be beside an icee booth. The line was really long & went right in front of us. The people standing in line had a good chance to really read our signs & see what we were all about & what we were doing. They would send their child over to buy or a drink/water or just donate to the cause. 🙂 We raised around $340! Praise! We are so blessed & know that God is providing every step of the way! Be on the lookout for more fundraiser posts.

Of course we have our ongoing fundraisers of T-shirts, coffee, & Olive Tree Promise store which has a variety of things. We also have a paypal button over on the right side bar to donate directly to us. Here are the links to our online stores:

T-shirts: http://www.adoptionbug.com/thperrys
Coffee: http://www.justlovecoffee.com/theperrys
Olive Tree Promise: http://perryfamily.olivetreepromise.com

Here are some photos of our day!


About Heather

I'm a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, nurse, & sister in Christ! I hope to encourage & uplift, as well as let you see a little of our everyday life. It's always sweet, sometimes a little crazy, but we love the road God has blessed us with!
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One Response to 4th of July fundraiser

  1. God bless you! What a good idea! We are in the process of fundraising for our adoption of siblings from Hungary!

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