The nursery

We’ve had the baby nursery mostly complete for a little while now. We didn’t want to not have it ready for when the call came. Plus it kept us busy for a little while. Right now, we like busy! It keeps us occupied. We are still #3 & have been for about 2 months. Trying not to think about that too much & trust that it’ll happen soon. We are all praying (Samuel included) that our son or daughter comes home soon. We would love to travel this spring, but aren’t sure if that’s gonna happen.

So, back to the nursery. We did a gender neutral color & I love it! I had been looking at different ideas for a while (yeah….we’ve been in this adoption process for 2.5 years now) & really liked the idea of stripes on one wall. We have Samuel’s crib & changing table. We will also use Samuel’s monkey themed crib set if it’s a boy, but get something different if it’s a girl. A nice tan-colored walls can go with either boy or girl!

Here are the before shots:

010 009


First we painted all the walls except the top half of one:


019 020


Then came the stripes. I only wanted the top half of the wall to be striped. We added chair rail later to divide the top & bottom half of the walls. I measured from the ceiling to where the chair rail was going to be & divided that by 5. It ended up being 13 inches & a few centimeters. Instead of measuring each by the 13 & some centimeters I measured each stripe to be 13 inches. Then the last stripe was just going to be a little larger. You can’t even tell & it made my measurements much easier!


I used a laser level & command strips! It worked great!


This worked out great! I was trying to figure out a way to make sure my stripes were straight. I didn’t have a camera stand or that would have worked. Thankful to think of this idea.


I put tape on the stripes that I didn’t want to paint. That way I wouldn’t get confused while painting.


Then painted the stripes!


It really was simple!


I love it! Wait until you see it completed with the chair rail.

Next came the chair rail. Thanks Pop-pop for your help!

005 007 004


A little helper brought his tool box just in case! 🙂

Now the after photos!

002 001 003

I just LOVE our nursery! We don’t have anything on the walls yet, but are waiting to see if we will bringing home a boy or a girl. Really all that’s needed for the room is a sweet bundle of a baby! Come home soon baby Perry! We are more than ready to meet you & love on you!


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    We’ve been getting ready for baby! We are ready to meet our son or daughter. Please come home soon! We pray for you daily & think of you often.

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