Day 5-our last full day in Japan

Today was our last full day in Japan. It’s kind of bittersweet. We are so ready to be home & see our family & friends, but at the same time Japan is our daughter’s birth country & she will be leaving that. We for sure hope to visit some day & show her this beautiful country. We only saw a small portion, but love what we saw.

Today we went to the Ueno Zoo & park. It was a fun day! It was hot & Samuel was tired from waking up at 3:45, but I’m glad that we went. We didn’t even see everything they had! It is a pretty big zoo! We ended up leaving at just the right time because a storm was coming. We had to walk back to the train station from the zoo & then walk from Shinjuku station to our hotel. We thanked the Lord that the rain was held off until we made it to the hotel. Samuel fell asleep & took a good nap, so we hung out at the hotel for a while. I got a jump start on packing.

When it was time for dinner we went to a restaurant close by. It was such a blessing to have a group of ladies at the table next to us that were reading the Bible & doing a Bible study together! That was nice & encouraging to see. 🙂

Our time here in Japan has been wonderful. We’ve been so busy, but still didn’t see everything we would have liked to see. Samuel & Lily did great throughout the long days & seem to be great travelers. Please pray for us as we head back home tomorrow. It’s such a long flight. Pray for safety & that Samuel & Lily do well. Hopefully we don’t bother those around us. If Lily wants something or isn’t happy, let’s just say she lets you know loud & clear & doesn’t forget about it. 😉

See y’all soon!










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I'm a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, nurse, & sister in Christ! I hope to encourage & uplift, as well as let you see a little of our everyday life. It's always sweet, sometimes a little crazy, but we love the road God has blessed us with!
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