Japan Adoption Timeline

9/22/11~ Sent in application to Faith International Adoptions

10/12/11~ sent adoption agreement to Faith (Forever family day for Samuel)

11/3/11~ sent in I-600a application, medical physicals

11/16/11~ first home study visit

12/6/11~ last home study visit

2/14/12~ home study sent to USCIS

3/6/12~ Heather’s fingerprints

3/9/12~ Bill’s fingerprints

3/22/12~ I-600a approval & officially waiting for referral (2 years exactly from our official waiting day for Samuel 🙂 )

3/22/13~ 1 year officially waiting for a referral

5/8/13~ Bill & Heather’s fingerprints again

8/2/13~ home study update- home visit

9/22/13~ I-600a approval (our 2nd approval since the other one was expiring)

3/22/14~ 2 years officially waiting for a referral

4/18/14~ our referral of a beautiful baby girl & Heather’s birthday!

5/3/14~ travel to Japan

5/5/14~ finally a family of four

5/10/14~ arrive back home as a family of four 🙂


1 Response to Japan Adoption Timeline

  1. Laura says:

    We also would like to adopt from Japan. What agency did you use? And in my research I read that you have to stay for all the court proceedings, 6-18 months. It looks like you were only there for a week. Is this right? Were there any problems with very long proceedings? I appreciate your response! 🙂

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