Meeting Lily & the rest of our day

Ok, I’ll post the pictures first! 😉 I know that’s what you really want to see!







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So right at 2:00 our doorbell rang (yes we have a doorbell outside our hotel door. Pretty cool!) & when I opened the door, there she was! Lily’s caretaker had her in her arms right in front of me. 🙂 I welcomed them & our agency director in & she was handed over to me. LOVE at first sight! She is just precious. They stayed for a little bit & answered questions & told us how much she eats & other things like that. They gave us a bag that she had from the hospital & it had her Japanese name as well as her footprints! So sweet! We were also told that the outfit she was in was given to her & us by her birthmother. Definitely a treasure! Her caretaker also gave us a photo album of pictures that she has taken throughout her first 6 weeks of life. This precious woman had Lily from the time she left the hospital until today. We took pictures & then off they went. There was a moment (similar to with Samuel) of ok now we have a baby. What do we do?!? 🙂 I changed her & took lots of pictures. The. We fed her a bottle, put her in the carrier & walked to Shinjuku Central Park. It was very nice & surreal. Our family of 4 going to the park!







After the park we came back to the hotel room & fed Lily then went back out to find something to eat. We had yummy pizza & then some ice cream.

We came back to the hotel & started getting ready for bed. First Samuel’s bath, then Lily’s. Well….she didn’t like that & screamed so loud & for a long time. 😉 I think her tummy was hurting her too. When I came out of the shower everyone was asleep! I’m feeding Lily again now & then we are all heading to bed. Thanks for all the prayers! Keep them coming!






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Day 1

Well, our day started a little early. 🙂 Samuel decided 3:00 am was a good time to start the day. Mommy & daddy….not so much. We gave him some toys & turned on cartoons & we were able to sleep off & on a little more. We got dressed & texted & face timed with some family. I’m so glad we can still connect with our family! The internet isn’t the best & it goes off & on, but better than none.

We had to wait a little while before we could head out because nothing was open yet! Haha! Our hotel is huge & so beautiful! We are on the 26th floor! We have an amazing view of the city. There are several restaurants & a small convenience store on the bottom floors. We found some fruit, milk, water, & pastries to bring back to the room. We went back to our room & had breakfast & then went for a walk near our hotel. We didn’t want to venture out too far. It’s so beautiful here! We found a 7-11 store that is not too far. It has a lot of foods & water & drinks for cheaper prices than most of the other places we’ve seen. I’m glad we found that because I’m sure we will be stopping there quite a few times. 🙂 we were going to go to Shinjuku Central Park because it close by, but it started raining. So we came back to the hotel room. I got everything ready for meeting Lily. Gifts are in gift bags now, clothes ironed & ready, & now we are going to take a short nap before lunch. We did start the day pretty early. After our quick nap we will have lunch & get ready to meet Lily! We are so close! My next post will be about her. 🙂













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Finally here!

We finally made it to our hotel. 🙂 We had a 2 hour bus ride from the Narita airport to our hotel. Never will do that again, lol! The plane ride over went great! Samuel did so well & we could feel your prayers. He loved being on the plane. He asked a few times if we were there yet, but he overall did great. He only slept about 4 hours of the total 12-13 hr ride. So glad we had a backpack full of toys & things for him to do. We did not each have our own tv, so I was thankful for his leap pad! He woke up one time & got a little upset because he was so tired & couldn’t get comfortable & probably because we were still on the plane. He calmed down quickly & an attendant got him some ice cream! That makes everything better!

We’ve been up for over 24 hrs with little to no sleep, so I’ll just post a few pictures & we are all going to go to sleep. We found out we will get Lily on Monday at 2:00pm, so that’ll be 2:00am at home. Please pray for us, Samuel, & Lily. Thank y’all! I’ll post pics as soon as I can. I know that’s why you’re all here anyway! 😉








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First stop

We made it to our first stop! The first flight was only 1 hour & 40 minutes. Samuel did great! He was so excited when we started taking off. He yelled, “Daddy we are in the sky!” But with that cute southern accent. 🙂 We had a few chuckles around us. He also took a short nap. He didn’t complain about his ears hurting so that was good. Now let’s see how this next loooonnnggg flight goes. 😉 I have a bag full of fun surprises & hopefully there’s a nap in there somewhere too.

For now we are just waiting to board our flight to Tokyo!


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God is in the details

Yes He is! I don’t want to forget a thing. 🙂 I’m going to try to blog as much as I can throughout this trip to bring Lily home. We are SO excited!!! We have amazing friends & family that have helped us, shared our blog, prayed for us, & gave donations. We have had around $5,100 donated toward bringing Lily home!!!! How amazing! We are speechless & overwhelmed by God’s love for us & for Lily. It’s truly a miracle to witness & I hope others see that. We want God to receive all the praise & glory!

The God moments don’t stop there! We have been connected with a group of missionaries that are in Tokyo. They don’t even know us, but yet have reached out to us & want to help us in any way. Offers for transportation, help with sight seeing, & even an invitation to dinner this next week. How awesome is that?

Yet another God thing….none of our flights had seats together. This made me more than a little nervous. We arrived at the airport pretty early this morning. When we checked in & made it trough security to our gate, I went straight to the desk to see if the attendants could help us with seating for this first flight. What I didn’t know is that these ladies were getting ready to leave the desk & no one would be there until later. They were so helpful to us! They rearranged our seats & made sure we were sitting together. We have a lap ticket for Lily for on the way back, but it was booked round trip. These wonderful ladies called & made sure that her ticket would not be cancelled (which was a possibility since she wasn’t physically with us now). They then looked at our other flights for us & made sure we had seats together for each flight! What a relief for this momma! I couldn’t thank them enough. They were so accommodating & sweet & helpful. They helped me breathe a sigh of relief & be a little less stressed. So I praise The Lord for letting these ladies be there at the moment we were too. 🙂

So, we are here, ready & waiting for our flight. We depart at 10:02. 🙂 Please pray for a good & safe flight. Thank you friends! We are so thankful & blessed to have you all in our lives. Thank you for loving us so well!


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A little update

Thank you everyone for your generous donations to help us bring Lily home! God is so good & we give Him all the glory! We’ve had so many people giving. A lot of people we don’t even know! Some have given $5, $10, $20, $100, & even $500, with many other donations as well. No donation is too small. We are so amazed & humbled. We have a current total of around $2,600 given so far! Please continue sharing on blogs, FB, or other social media sites. There have been donations from people we don’t know, only because one of our friends shared our blog!

We would appreciate your prayers for us for safe travels, smooth transitions, & God’s continued provision. Thank you everyone for your support to us.

We are leaving for Tokyo this Saturday, May 3rd & will return home as a family of 4 on Saturday, May 10th! I will try to blog while we are in Japan, so keep an eye on the blog for some adorable Samuel & Lily pics!

We are coming Lily!


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I had THE best surprise on my birthday ever!!! We woke up on April 18th & went to the beach for the day! Of course it decided to get cooler here. I wanted to go anyway. 🙂 The beach in jeans & a sweatshirt is still the beach! So we headed to the aquarium first & then had a nice lunch. After lunch we went out on the beach & just got settled when my phone rang. I looked & it had our agency’s name! I looked at Bill & said why are they calling?!? He said I don’t know, but answer it! I was in complete shock! It was our agency calling with our referral call! WE HAVE A DAUGHTER!!!!

We are so thrilled to announce our daughter, Lily to you all. Her birthday is March 18th.

image image image



We are so excited! We will be leaving Saturday, May 3rd. Please be in prayer for us. We have a significant amount of funds due that we are short of. We know that God will provide one way or another. We humbly ask if you could help us out in any way, even if it’s $5,$10, or $100. We would be forever grateful to you for helping us bring our daughter home! Can you help us raise more funds in the next 24 hours? Please use the PayPal button on the right hand side of the blog to donate directly to helping bring Lily home! Please share on your blogs or on Facebook with your family & friends. Thank you all so much!

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